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Why a Suicide Prevention module?

Suicide prevention has been a hot topic for The Joint Commission for years.  Even though many healthcare staff may be aware that Suicide Prevention is a National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG), effective July 1, 2019, seven new and revised elements of performance (EPs) will be applicable to all Joint Commission-accredited hospitals and behavioral health care organizations. These new requirements are at National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 15.01.01 and are designed to improve the quality and safety of care for those who are being treated for behavioral health conditions and those who are identified as high risk for suicide. Because there has been no improvement in suicide rates in the U.S., and since suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the country, The Joint Commission re-evaluated the NPSG in light of current practices relative to suicide prevention.

What does the Suicide Prevention module review?  The module discusses:

-Suicide prevention and screening standards in the psychiatric setting and general/acute care settings

-Monitoring high risk behavioral health or suicidal patients

-Re-assessment guidelines regarding suicidal patients

-Evaluating ligature risks

-Safe discharge practices for behavioral health and suicidal patients

Since this new standard is becoming effective July 1st, 2019, EZ Compliance Now wanted to make it easy for Learning Management System (LMS) Administrators, Educators, Directors of Education, Directors of Quality, or Nurse Educators to update their staff on these new / revised standards.  The "Suicide Prevention in the Healthcare Setting" module contains everything your staff need to know about the revised Joint Commission standards.  Easily load this module into your LMS and assign it to as many staff as you need.   We understand that many LMS Administrators and Educators do not have time to continuously develop and revise education modules.  Leadership is asking for education regarding a specific topic and you are unable to find the time to create it or find a cost-effective version online.  Let EZ Compliance Now help you out.  For one low fixed cost your organization owns the module.  EZ Compliance Now will add your brand to the module and email you the actually .zip (SCORM file).  The module can then be used as you like without any contract, subscriptions, or automatic renewals.  If your organization likes the module come and try some of our other modules.  If you want a revised version feel free to purchase it at any time.  It is the quickest and easiest way to obtain the quality eLearning you need for your healthcare staff without any strings attached.  Contact us today for questions or inquiries!


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