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Who needs to learn about Pediatric Assessment and Treatment?

You might have noticed that one of the elearning modules featured on is titled "Pediatric Assessment and Treatment in the Ambulatory Surgery Center".  This module was created out of shear demand.  We found that many Ambulatory Surgery Centers are wanting to expand their service lines to include pediatric patients, but have discovered that their nursing staff is either uncomfortable caring for pediatric patients or have not been trained and are not competent.  Compounding this problem is that many ambulatory surgery centers are small and do not have Nurse Educators to provide this education.  This is why the "Pediatric Assessment and Treatment in the Ambulatory Surgery Center" module was created.  It contains detailed information about how to assess pediatric patients, normal values, and what to look for when caring for pediatric patients.  It will not only give your nurses some baseline knowledge about caring for pediatric patients it will make them feel more comfortable with pediatric patients.  Additionally, if your center is caring for pediatric patients having documented education and competency verification in your Learning Management System (LMS) when the Joint Commission or DNV come around will definitely be beneficial.  These accreditation organizations want to see documentation of competence at orientation and annually especially for clinical and patient safety issues or when providing a new service.

If your organization is looking to provide services to pediatric patients, expand your current services to pediatric patients, or your nursing staff just need a refresher on caring for pediatric patients this "Pediatric Assessment and Treatment in the Ambulatory Surgery Center"  module might be just what you need. One low price and the module is yours to assign as needed.  The organization can upload the module into their LMS and assign it once or add it to your on-boarding and annual education.  All we ask is that you give another chance when you need a revised version or any other type of elearning or healthcare modules!


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