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Is sepsis education important?

The short answer is "YES".

The "Surviving Sepsis" campaign has become increasingly important to healthcare organizations over the last few years.  Not only is it important to improve patient outcomes regarding sepsis, but sepsis now has several metrics that are reportable to CMS regarding how well your organization cares for sepsis patients.  Additionally, sepsis can be difficult to identify and requires extensive training to nurses and other healthcare providers on how to spot the symptoms of sepsis before they become severe sepsis or septic shock.  Even though healthcare personnel understand how dangerous sepsis can be it still often gets missed or is not handled appropriately once identified.

One effective and efficient way to refresh staff on the importance of assessing their patients for sepsis, the symptoms of sepsis, the stages of sepsis, and the treatment of sepsis is through continuous education.  This education can be delivered annually as an eLearning module through your organizations Learning Management System (LMS).  Also, certain departments or personnel that are struggling with caring for sepsis patients can be assigned eLearning as remedial education. 


EZ Compliance Now offers an engaging an interesting eLearning module that covers every aspect of sepsis identification and treatment.  This eLearning module can be purchased by your organization for one low price, uploaded into your LMS, and assigned as many times as needed.  Once purchased this module is sent as a zipped .SCORM file that is banded with your organizations logo.  Make sepsis education a priority at your organization with a eLearning module from EZ Compliance Now today!


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