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Customized eLearning Modules

Sometimes an organization just needs an eLearning module regarding a topic specific to their facility.  These are topics in which no company or LMS has created content that matches the needs of the organization.  Some examples include a module on a specific policy or process specific to your organization.  Or a module teaching staff how to document something specific in your organizations electronic medical record system.  It could even be a eLearning module discussing a specific way your organization wants it's employees to communicate with patients and customers.  What do you do in these situations?

EZ Compliance Now LLC has come up with an easy solution for organizations when they have these unique needs.  We will create your organization a custom eLearning module for as little as $200!  Just send us the PowerPoint and quiz questions your organization wants to use and we will send you back a completed module (.SCORM zip file) that is ready to load into your LMS and assign your your employees (additional customization's such as narration and animation will increase module costs) .  It doesn't get an easier than that!  Let EZ Compliance Now LLC take care of your organizations unique education needs with customized eLearning modules.  Contact us today for additional details.


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