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Do you need an eLearning module regarding a topic specific to your organization?  We can create it for as little as $250!  Send us your PowerPoint and quiz questions and we will send you back a completed eLearning module (.SCORM file) to load into your Learning Management System (LMS).  Just send us an email by clicking "Contact Us" below and let us know what you need (additional customization such as narration and animation will increase module cost). We look forward to hearing from you!



EZ Compliance Now was started by two Registered Nurses looking to make compliance simpler for organizations.  While working as Nurse Educators they had a hard time finding eLearning (.SCORM) modules to meet their compliance needs.  Most eLearning required a subscription, automatic renewals, contracts, or was beyond their organizations budget.  In response, these Nurse Educators decided to fill a need and provide cost-effective, engaging, off-the-shelf eLearning modules to organizations who need them.  These modules can be placed in any LMS and assigned to learners easily without any additional cost.  EZ Compliance Now specializes in compliance modules for healthcare organizations but is willing to work with any organization.  Browse our library of available courses or feel free to contact us about a needed module for your organization.



EZ Compliance Now was started to make compliance easier for organizations.  Regulatory and compliance agencies are continuously adding new regulations.  Educating staff about these new regulations can be time consuming and resource heavy.  EZ Compliance Now makes it easy to purchase eLearning modules.  These modules are .SCORM files that will work with any Learning Management System (LMS) and make it possible to efficiently and effectively educate staff.  These modules require no contracts, no subscriptions, and no mandatory renewals.  Quickly and simply purchase an eLearning module, load it into your organizations LMS, and assign it to learners. Using module from EZ Compliance Now LLC will give you more free time to tackle the other complexities of leading a healthcare organization.


"If you think compliance is expensive - try non-compliance."

Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

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